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LaminatedFILMS offers slitting capabilities for rolls with widths up to 60″ and down to 2″. Using our state of the art slitting equipment, we quickly produce high quality rolls at competitive prices.



LaminatedFILMS offers flexographic printing capabilities for up to five colors and 18″ width. We use our printing press to add value to bags and pouches we convert, but additionally we can provide customers with printed rollstock to use on form fill and seal equipment. With our five-color Aquaflex printing press we offer our customers small quantity lots printed to their specifications at a competitive price.

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For more than 40 years, our primary focus at LaminatedFILMS has been converting rolls of material into high quality flexible protective packaging that meets our customers’ specifications and is delivered on time and at a competitive price. Our converting equipment efficiently produces small sheets, bags and tubing (.75″ x 1.5″) or 32″ wide bags.

Flexible PACKAGING Solutions

A prior recipient of the Boeing Performance Excellence Award, we strive to both maintain our high performance standards and deliver the utmost in packaging services to our customers.