Optimum MachineryFrom Primary Packaging to Distribution Packs

Our machines manage a multitude of packaging processes -- including, but not limited to fabrication, cleaning, filling, sealing, combining, labeling, overwrapping, palletizing, and more.

Automated Filling & Sealing Equipment

Over the years, we have converted packages for a multitude of different products and customers. During this time, we have fulfilled requests to help automate the filling of bags; and in the process, we have designed and built several pieces of equipment that automate the filling and sealing process. As with our packages, we work with every customer to design and build a piece of equipment that meets their needs.

Impulse Heat Sealers

Impulse Heat Sealers are the most common and safest sealing systems in use today. They work with a wide variety of materials. Using either bar or jaw sealers, the heating element is heated during the heat cycle. When that cycle is over, an optional cooling cycle begins, cooling the seal under pressure. These packaging machines are available with vacuum and gas flush options as well as bi-active capabilities to handle a wide variety of material and thickness.

Vacuum Heat Sealers

Vacuum/Gas sealers can be equipped with gas flush for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). In addition, these machines can be built in stainless steel for the food industry. Floor standing or table top units are available.

Hand-held Sealers

Hand held sealing units are small portable machines that provide the utmost in economy and flexibility. Use these sealers for low volume packaging applications or when you need to take your sealer to the product.


Need Something Specific?

Custom machines and custom tooling do not pose a challenge for us. While there may be a few things we cannot do, please be certain to ask us first – we are still looking for them!

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