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LaminatedFILMS & Packaging, Inc.

The world has moved from locally centered economies to a solitary worldwide economy. Subsequently, this has brought about cycles wherein merchandise is staged, shipped, stored, and deployed to differing global destinations. Logistically speaking, inherent with this are more unpredictable stock chains, expanded delivery time frames, and increased product stresses due to air contamination and temperature variances. The expanded degrees of contamination in locations such as Asia and South America -- or the elevated stress on merchandise being transported by sea -- makes it more challenging to maintain products in "as manufactured" states and erosion / corrosion free. For instance, the H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide – one of the most forceful types of barometrical pollutant gases) levels in the US are around 8 ppb (parts per billion). This level leaps to 600 ppb in Brazil and more than 800 ppb in the Asian Pacific Rim Region (APAC).

Our primary protective packaging options for the shipping / export industry include:

Corrosion Intercept®: Stretch / Film / Bags / Shrink / KorrVu® with CI

Static Intercept®: 4 or 6 mil Films, Bags, Wraps

Static Intercept-2: Films / Bags

RIBS MVTR™: Films / Bags

Intercept Shrink™: 6 mil CI Shrink for crated items

7 or 8 mil SI Shrink for crated or uncrated items

Intercept Technology™ allows for the bags, films, and wraps to be opened and re-sealed by taping (for customs) and permits easy repairs and re-closure both in the field and in a warehouse. Intercept is also RFID transparent, so RFID labels can be utilized within Intercept packs. RIBS Technology products provide RFID blocking and shielding when needed.