Aerospace Packaging

LaminatedFILMS supplies a large variety of custom covers, panels, blankets and shrouds to many of the largest aerospace firms worldwide. We combine our extensive knowledge of static safe materials with our medical device packaging procedures to successfully service the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry.

With our dedicated clean room and packaging ingenuity, we have become a major supplier to customers through the Aerospace industry.

Our Customers

NASABoeingLockheed MartinSpaceXUnited Launch Alliance

Aerospace Products

Covers and Liners

Covers and liners are available using a variety of materials including fire-retardant polyethylene and Orcon films. With more than 20 years experience converting fitted covers for satellites and other high-end aerospace equipment and components, LaminatedFILMS has the capabilities to convert covers as simple as a square-bottom bag to one-of-a-kind large covers with grommets, zippers and windows.


LaminatedFILMS provides rolls of any aerospace material including fire-retardant polyethylene and materials cleaned to level 100.