Electronics Packaging

LaminatedFILMS has been a leading innovator in ESD (electrostatic discharge ) packaging since the protection needs of newer, smaller electronic component required higher standards than was previously possible with anti-static polyethylene. Working closely with our material suppliers, we have developed cleaner, anti-static materials that offer optimal corrosion prevention.

Our Static Intercept and Corrosion Intercept materials offer the same protection as static shield bags and barrier bags in addition to reducing the carbon footprint of your packaging requirement.

Electronics Products

Clean, Static-Dissipative, Anti-Corrosive Bags

For the greatest range of protection available for electronic devices, Static Intercept® material is designed to meet the static- and corrosion-protection demands your packaging needs require. Are you using shielding or foil bags? This material reduces your carbon footprint and biodegrades faster than corn starch or “green” bags.

Clean, Anti-Static Polyethylene Bags

Using AT film®, we produce the cleanest, non off-gassing, anti-static bags available. With over a decade of proven success, this material provides a sterile, anti-static environment for your electronic devices.

ESD Barrier Bags

When foil barrier bags are required, LaminatedFILMS offers a full line of commercial and Mil-Spec (U.S. military specification) ESD barrier materials. We take pride in our sealing process to ensure your products are well protected.

Covers and Liners

Covers and liners are available using a variety of ESD materials. Do you only need a small volume batch produced? Do your products require custom-shaped or -sized solutions? We have the experience and capabilities to manufacture the highest quality package your product deserves.

Reusable Cushion Bags

LaminatedFILMS is one of the original manufacturers of reusable, static-controlled cushion bags. We work with you to design the right bags for your unique products, then custom-build your bags using multiple materials that provide superior cushioning and ESD protection.