Industrial Packaging

LaminatedFILMS supplies a large variety of materials and packaging configurations to the industrial products market. We offer solutions for products ranging from adhesives, equipment protection packaging, consumer products, and food goods.

Do you have products that need protection from corrosion, particulate contamination, or product separation? Choose from a selection of materials designed to protect your product.

Add Some Color

LaminatedFILMS offers 5-color printing on select materials. For ideas on how adding color to your product’s packaging can increase sales and brand experience, contact us today.

Industrial Products

Foil Bags

We work with you to identify the best material that will meet the protection your product requires. If your product is affected by moisture, we can select from among many foil laminations—including white or silver foil structures—to provide maximum puncture resistance. And because we make our own tooling, we are able to to manufacture any configuration, including single or multiple compartments.

Custom options include zipper closures and side- or bottom-gussets if bag profile is required.

Protective Covers

If you have an unconventional product that requires a custom-fit package, take advantage of our 40 years of experience in creating covers in a vast array of shapes and sizes—from small machines to huge pieces of equipment. Our materials provide corrosion, dirt, and even cushioning protection. By using Clean Air, Clean Air polyethylene, or one of our many foil structures, we help our customers get a wide variety of products safely to their destinations.

Printed Rollstock

With in-house slitting and printing capabilities that allow us to meet customers’ specific requirements, LaminatedFILMS supplies printed rollstock for a variety of form-fill-seal requirements.

Mil-Spec Packaging

LaminatedFILMS has been supplying Mil-Spec (U.S. military specification) materials and bags to the industrial market for 40 years. These materials can also be used in protective covers. With our inventory and experience, we make working with strict packaging and materials requirements easy.

Specialty Polyethylene Bags

CLEAN AIR is a special line of polyethylene materials that provide exceptional corrosion control. These materials meet strict European environmental standards while reducing the carbon footprint created by foil laminations and providing the same high level of corrosion control.

Custom options include zipper closures and bottom-gussets.

Film Bags

LaminatedFILMS has a wide selection of clear film materials that meet a variety of packing needs. These include clear nylon, polyester, and saran laminates, among others. Plus, using our extensive supplier network we can source any specialty films that you may require.


Tubing is especially cost-effective for customers that need to accommodate different-size products with varying lengths of materials. LaminatedFILMS manufactures tubing on 3-inch cores from all of our materials selections.


We provide various sizes of lidding for sterile barrier trays. Material options for die-cut lids typically include Tyvek® or specialty foil materials. Custom printing is also available.


LaminatedFILMS has a history of excellence serving the two-part epoxy industry. Our diverse stock of chemical-resistant and user-friendly materials meet the needs of a wide variety of applications.