Industrial Packaging

LaminatedFILMS supplies a large variety of materials and packaging configurations to the industrial products market. We offer solutions for products ranging from adhesives, equipment protection packaging, consumer products, and food goods.

Do you have products that need protection from corrosion, particulate contamination, or product separation? Choose from a selection of materials designed to protect your product.

Add Some Color

LaminatedFILMS offers 5-color printing on select materials. For ideas on how adding color to your product’s packaging can increase sales and brand experience, contact us today.

Industrial Materials

Clear Films

LaminatedFILMS offers a variety of film lamination materials. Stock film structures include polyester / polyethylene, nylon / polyethylene and polypropylene / polyethylene. We also have a diverse group of suppliers to call upon if a specialty film structure is required. Film laminations can be converted into peel pouches as well as flat bags.

Custom options include zipper closures and side or bottom gussets if bag profile is required.

Foil Barrier Materials

When customers require a foil barrier, LaminatedFILMS offers several barrier materials. Material structures include: Nylon/Foil/Polyethylene; Paper/Foil/Polyethylene; and Polyester/Foil/Polyethylene. We take pride in our sealing process to ensure your products are well protected.

Static and Corrosion Control Polyethylene

Static Intercept® provides permanent protection against static charge. Suitable for applications where both corrosion and static charge protection are required (such as multi-metal products with electronic devices installed), Static Intercept® provides continuous corrosion protection for all types of metals, including multi-metals, by removing corrosive gases.

Static Intercept® is the preferred choice for corrosion protection, especially for export shipping and storage in harsh environments.

Application is simple: No vacuum sealing or heat sealing is required; simply double-fold and tape…. It’s that simple!

Are you using shielding or foil bags? This material reduces your carbon footprint and biodegrades faster than corn starch or “green” bags.

Mil-Spec Materials

LaminatedFILMS has been supplying a variety of Mil-Spec (U.S. military specification) materials to the industrial market for over 40 years. These different materials can be converted into a variety of products, including rollstock, sheets and bags, as well as protective covers. We can use these materials to produce packages that meet Mil-PRF-117 specifications.

Corrosion Intercept

Clean Air Corrosion Intercept ® is a special line of polyethylene material that provides continuous corrosion protection for all types of metals, including multi-metals, by removing the corrosive gases. These materials meet strict European environmental standards and reduce the carbon footprint created by foil laminations, while providing the same level of corrosion control.