LaminatedFILMS inventories a variety of high-tech materials designed to protect your device or products.

Materials can:

– Allow ETO or Gamma Sterilization
– Prevent corrosion
– Protect against static damage
– Offer fire retardant properties

Aerospace Materials

Foil Barrier Materials

When customers require a foil barrier, LaminatedFILMS offers several barrier materials. Material structures include: Nylon/Foil/Polyethylene; Paper/Foil/Polyethylene; and Polyester/Foil/Polyethylene. We take pride in our sealing process to ensure your products are well protected.


Our guarantee

Through our innovative Supplier Development Program, we carefully select our vendors based on key criteria of quality, delivery and price. The result: Four decades of working with a consistent supplier base that meets all of our criteria, all of the time.

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