Solution Stories

Solution No. 1: Jellyfish In Space

The Problem

NASA wanted to take their pet jellyfish with them into space.
Time Frame to Complete: 1 year

Our Solution

Jellyfish, although seemingly one of the simplest organisms on our planet, share some characteristics with humans. They have neurons, or nerve cells, similar to ours and they have gravity receptors not unlike those in the human inner ear to help give them direction as they move.

NASA created an experiment to take jellyfish into space to study the effects of zero gravity (body mass loss, calcium deficiency, equilibrium…) to understand how humans can better adapt to living out in the great beyond. So, we dreamed up and produced bags with fitments (tubes) and ports which served as jellyfish habitats and allowed the scientists to reach in and perform experiments on the jellyfish while space-bound. The bags kept the jellyfish alive and healthy in transit enabling NASA to learn more about life in space.

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Photo by pentaboxes on Flickr.