Solution Stories

Solution No. 2: Titan Missile Cover

The Problem

NASA needed a way to cover the Titan missile on the launchpad to protect its ultra-sensitive technologies.

Time Frame: 1 week

Our Solution

Space is known to scientists as being unforgiving. Small miscalculations can result in disastrous outcomes and cost billions of dollars, or worse, lives. One speck of dust can cause machinery built to work in space irreparable damage, rendering it useless space junk.

With reports of a storm approaching, NASA contacted LaminatedFILMS to see if we would be able to make a custom debris shield, or cover, to protect their expensive rocket on the launchpad.

With our extensive experience in working with sterile packaging, we knew exactly the kinds of contaminants and corrosion elements that the rocket would be exposed to while awaiting take off. We also had available optimal materials and production techniques that were needed to get the job done quickly and flawlessly.

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